It’s All About Numbers

Everything in life, I discovered, is all about numbers…

When we are born, we are immediately categorized into numbers. Our weight, time of birth are noted, and we have our unique identification number.

As we go older, we learn about numbers and we are categorized into numbers in terms of our grades in class.

As we grow even older, we start to feel the stress of numbers by gauging the number of digits in our bank account…

I’m sure you must have had heard this numerous times that sales is all about numbers. That’s absolutely right, by the way.

Next, when we grow old, we are judged by others on how many grandchildren we have.

… and when we finally die, yet again, we are categorized in an orderly manner…

Seems like we can’t run away from numbers at all…

==> Lesson learned: Embrace the inevitable. Work hard and you will succeed.



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