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The Hazards of Emotion Ties at Work

I’d been told, again and again, the hazards of being emotionally and psychologically linked to your work…

I had tried my best to be detached for the past decade…

I had succeeded… up till now.

How do one get emotionally detached and psychologically unattached when one is a full time fund raiser?

I help to raise funds for leukemia children. If you only know all the sad stories, I’m sure you will want to help to raise funds too.

That is the reason and motivation that sends me out into the streets to stop as many people as possible, to ask them for donations. And boy! What a challenge!

Yet, the emotions and psychological ties just wouldn’t allow me to give up. Because those kids are waiting to be healed and to grow up into adulthood… They are my kids…

==> Lessons learned: Nothing comes easy. There’s a price tag to everything.