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Overcoming Writer’s Block

The most interesting thing about blogging in a daily basis is the fact that one will run out of things to blog about…

Yes. I’m in this junction right now…

So, what I do?

I simply blogged about this newly discovered fact that I learned…


==> Lesson learned: If you don’t know what to say, always go back to basics… You can always comment about the weather…




Does Bloggers Need to be Females in Order to Have More Followers?

Oh yes. You did not read my post title wrongly. I did not ask, “Does female bloggers have more followers?” Instead I specifically asked, “Does bloggers have to be females in order to have more followers?”

I thought about this after a brief conversation with a friend. My friend was sharing with me some insights shared by a female blogger who is earning a full time income just by blogging.

That conversation reminded me of some of the bits and pieces of experiences, seen or heard, that indicates that being females is superior… Here goes:

1) When a man posts into facebook that he is sick, at most, he’ll get only one comment or like. And that comment is usually crude. But if a female posts the exact same post, she’ll get loads of “Take care, dear” or “Drink lots of water”, etc lovey dovey concerned comments…

2) When a pretty girl smiles at the waiter, she’ll get first class service. When a man does that, he’ll get a suspicious look from the waiter. Perhaps the waiter might be thinking, “Is that guy gay?!”

3) A male blogger generally has a lower number of followers compared to female bloggers. Unless he’s blogging about cute animals and has loads of cute animal photos or videos… 🙂

4) A photo of a sexy girl or a pouting girl in a sexy dress usually gives a higher conversion in a marketing campaign.

5) A pretty girl usually can get her way around people (specifically males) and things. She’s usually forgiven very readily, even if she was a real b***h.

And the last one here is classic. It’s a real story a male friend told me.

This male friend went to China to open a furniture business. His website portrayed his masculine name as the contact person. He did not get much enquiries. So he changed his website to portray a female name, and lo and behold, enquiries started streaming in…!

You see the beauty of being a female? If you are a male reading this post, you know what you are supposed to do now! Don’t you?

PS: I’m a real female, by the way! LOL… 🙂


==> Lesson learned: A white lie is just a white lie. It does not harm you, others, or the environment.