How to Get Sales

It’s amazing how articulate I can be when I was asked to  share about 3 tips on how I managed to obtain a double promotion in charity sales.

I didn’t even know I have so many bombastic words in my vocabulary…

How to get many sales?


You just need to know your numbers well.

You can be a very articulate person with greater than great presentation skills and a killer close. But if you do not approach any prospects actively, no one will know you have such grand skills. No prospects = no sales = no money = eat grass.

All businesses out there is about numbers only.

==> Lesson learned: You learn the best and the most when you teach others.



The Power of Visualisation

The power of visualisation is really unexplainable…

Some people prefer to call it “Positive affirmations”.


I only use visualization and self-eliciting the feelings associated with achieving what I visualize.  Then when I really get what I visualize, I always remember to show my gratitude. Then will it manifest.

You do know that recently, I’m involved in fundraising  for a charity organisation. Don’t you?

You must have seen me commenting about how tough it is to raise funds…

That’s right.

The power of visualization comes in real handy…


==> Lesson learned: Focus, visualize, then take action.


It’s All About Numbers

Everything in life, I discovered, is all about numbers…

When we are born, we are immediately categorized into numbers. Our weight, time of birth are noted, and we have our unique identification number.

As we go older, we learn about numbers and we are categorized into numbers in terms of our grades in class.

As we grow even older, we start to feel the stress of numbers by gauging the number of digits in our bank account…

I’m sure you must have had heard this numerous times that sales is all about numbers. That’s absolutely right, by the way.

Next, when we grow old, we are judged by others on how many grandchildren we have.

… and when we finally die, yet again, we are categorized in an orderly manner…

Seems like we can’t run away from numbers at all…

==> Lesson learned: Embrace the inevitable. Work hard and you will succeed.


Flash Mob

A friend posted in on facebook today. The first time I watched the video, it made me cry. Subsequent times that I re-watched this video (all within today), I still teared… Yet I can’t seem to stop watching the video again and again… So many times till I’d lost count!

But I have to say, this really could be the best flash mob I’d ever seen!

Enjoy it here:

==> Lesson learned: Time spent on doing something you love is not wasted…


Be Careful What You Wish For…

… for your wishes just might come true!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that wishing for something and being focused on having that something, have a very intimate relationship… One cannot exist without the other…


==> Lesson learned: What comes round, come around… and what goes up, will come down. Which also means that, “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you…”


Will You Go Out of Your Way for Charity?

Well, will you?

Today is my third day as a fundraiser, representing the leukemia children.

I was on my feet for three whole days already. Amazing…

Yesterday I developed at least two blisters on each of my feet. And today I’m again out there, raising funds… Limping and pain is temporarily forgotten while I was out there working hard to raise funds.

Now that I’m home, all my pain and aches came running in, in full force. There are blisters on my soles and I can’t walk properly, even in the comfort of my own home. My legs are super aching. So is my back and shoulders…

But these pains and aches are nothing compared to those the poor leukemia children suffer…

And the best comfort is receiving a small box of chocolates; an appreciation by the charity organisation for my hard work and being called their hero… It really warms the heart…

… and it really motivated me to Google search “How to get rid of blisters fast”, so I can be in a better condition to raise more funds tomorrow!

If you know of any way to get rid of blisters fast, please let me know. The children and I will be eternally grateful… Thank you!


==> Lesson learned: When you are very focused, you will achieve your goal regardless of the situations you are thrown in…